Stepping Stones Network is about "Restoring Lives....One Step as a Time". 

Studies and estimates say that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men have experienced childhood sexual abuse / violations.  Some of these experiences are obvious and quite horrific, while others are more subtle and might even be pushed aside in our minds as "no big deal".   However, the truth is that even what can seem like minor violations can have traumatic effects on a life and particularly on the ability to feel at peace with one's self.  The secret in itself can be a challenge to live with.  Many survivors report living with a sense of fear and/or shame that limits their ability to build healthy relationships and their confidence to step into life and be all they were created to be.  

Other life experiences can have similar effects, such as verbal or abuse or neglect by those we expected to care for us.  We find that even our own personal choices, such as abortion, divorce, or harm that we may brought to someone else, can cause a sense of unrest and a cost to our relationships. 

Stepping Stones Network offers safe, confidential groups for functioning adults to be able to break free of these effects and live a full and free life.  Current groups being offered include: 

Journey Groups for men and women - 2019 Dates will be posted here soon

Have you experienced physical or emotional violations, abuse, or neglect in the past that may be preventing love, peace and freedom in the your present?  Everyone has a story. Some parts are fun and joy-filled, while others are difficult and painful.  Even the smallest of violations can leave an indelible mark that shapes, molds, and informs the way in which we live and love.  You are invited to enter The Journey with us.  The Journey group will begin a process that will take you deeper into your life experiences.  You will join with others to look at the people and events that have left imprints on our hearts. This will be a journey of discovery that will be challenging, surprising, and exciting. Through participation, you will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of your own story, as well as an increased awareness of intimacy and grace with others and God.  

If you desire more love, peace, and freedom, then The Journey, your journey, is just one step away.  Application required—closed group.  $45 fee for materials.  If $45 is a hardship, please let us know...partial scholarships and weekly pay plans are available.  

If you are interested in attending or leading a group like this, please contact us at

Conquer Groups for Men - 2019 Dates will be posted here soon

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