Upcoming Stepping Stones Network Meetings

If you are interested in getting involved with Stepping Stones, the best first step is to attend one of our monthly Stepping Stones Network meetings.  These meetings are held on the second and third Mondays and third Thursday of every month at 7 pm in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  If you have a heart for this issue, we want to meet you and help you find the best place for you to plug in and make a difference. Each month we offer three different types of meetings: Education Meeting, Volunteer Interest Meeting & All Volunteer Action Meeting.  These are described below and the dates, times and locations can be found in the calendar links below. 

Education Meeting - Learn about the issue of sex trafficking, what’s happening in Lake County and Chicagoland, and how Stepping Stones and our community is responding.

Volunteer Interest Session - Interested in getting involved?  Stay for the second hour and learn about the Volunteer Network, our 2016 goals, and how we are organized to meet them.  You’ll hear about current needs and be provided with an opportunity to share your interest, skills, gifts, available time, etc.  

All Volunteer Action Meeting, designed for people who:

  •  Have decided they would like to volunteer with Stepping Stones
  •  Have attended the New Volunteer Meeting which includes: Education & Volunteer Interest 
  •  Have completed a Volunteer Interest and Application Form.


Session #1: Education Meetings: 7- 7:45 PM 

Session #2: Volunteer Interest Meeting (immediately after): 7:45-8:30 PM

* Click here to view Event Calendar*


* Click here to view Event Calendar*