What is the Volunteer Network?

Want to join our Volunteer Network?  Here's how...

  • Attend our Education Meeting, plus Volunteer Interest session, held once or twice monthly on the third Monday and/or Thursday of the month.
    Click here to see Event Calendar for dates, times and locations. 
  • Decide that you would like to volunteer with Stepping Stones Network. 
  • Complete a Volunteer Interest and Application Form and be added to our Volunteer database. 
  • If your interests and talents match one of our Volunteer needs, you will be matched with a volunteer opportunity within 30 days.  If we cannot match you immediately, we will keep you in the loop with special communications and group opportunities to stay connected and contribute.  We'll also solicit your ideas from time to time!  

Below is a sample of typical volunteer needs.  Click here to see current volunteer open positions.

  •         Grant Research/ Writing
  •         Education Speakers/ Support for Speakers
  •         Church Liaisons
  •         Communications/ Marketing/ PR/ Graphics- Various Roles
  •         Residential Program Design/ Policies & Procedures
  •         Fundraising-Various Roles
  •         Administrative Assistants
  •         Event Coordinators
  •         Data Entry & Internet Research