Executive Director - Suzanne Baker Brown

Suzanne is currently serving as Executive Director of Stepping Stones Network. Her passion is to help people find whole life health (body, soul and spirit), so they can step into the life they were created to live.  Suzanne’s background includes corporate leadership, management consulting, not-for-profit board experience, and extensive work in women’s ministry since 2000.  She has been an advocate for women and women’s issues in all of these contexts.  As founder of Spiritual SpaLeadership Refresh, The Reflection, and The Life You Were Created to Live, she has brought teaching, healing and encouragement to individuals and groups throughout the US and in Asia.  And, she has walked alongside many who have come out of abusive and destructive situations helping them to rebuild their lives.  Suzanne also previously helped launch and served on the Advisory Board of The White Rainbow Project that serves India’s outcast widows. She holds an undergrad in Business from Illinois Wesleyan University and a Master’s from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  Suzanne resides in Chicago with her husband, Steve, who is the Director of Preventive Emergency Medicine at University of Illinois-Chicago Medical Center and a well-known advocate for the chronically homeless in the city of Chicago.  Suzanne and Steve serve as a Safe Family for at-risk young adults and kids.  Contact Suzanne at


Leadership Team

Restorative Services - Director to be Hired early 2019, Donna Stevenson (Asst Director), 

Operations - Beth Jordan-Kroll (Director), Robyn Woods (Asst. Director), Tim Girmscheid (Property Manager)

Fundraising - Colette Mendelson (Co-Director -Major & In-Kind Gifts & Events), Olivia Gildenzopf (Co-Director - Online &  Communications)

Prevention - Dave Stouwie (Outreach and Men's Therapeutic Programs)

Church Engagement - Jean Doi (Asst. Director)

Finance - Ginny GIrmscheid (CFO

Prayer - Bernice Adjei

Key Team Members

Janet Kenny (Co-Founder & Training for Medical Providers), Leanne Woods (Partner-Safe Families),  Laura Gordon (Church Engagement Support & Donor Acknowledgement), Rebecca Langley (Writer and Media Quality Control), Nicole Fabiano-Oertel (Fundraising & Social Media), Reuben Chew of Evolution Point (Website), Lara Moehlenpah (Residential Home Decorators), Angela Attiah (Restorative Services Team), William Utley (Prayer), Deb Dean/Rachel Cutler (Admin Support), Janine Mullady (Donor Acknowledgement), Michelle Bobart/Heather Morse (Outreach), Michelle Lenz (Lead-Therapeutic Groups)

Partnering Organizations

Safe Families, Humble Design, A Safe Place, Partnership for a Safer Lake County, Lake County Human Trafficking Coalition

Mentoring Organization

Wellspring Living of Atlanta, GA - We are one of 40 organizations the have mentored to provide services and residential programming sexually exploited client. 

Board of Directors 

Michelle Bobart (SVP-Guaranteed Rate), Kelli McMiller (SVP of Consulting-Kaleidoscope Group), Ginny Girmscheid, Suzanne Baker Brown