“Restoring Lives….One Step at a Time”

You don’t have to be a victim of sex trafficking to be affected by sexual exploitation. 

  • One in four women and one in six men have experienced childhood sexual violations. 
  • One out of every five teens is a victim of date rape. 
  • Pornography has been normalized, is incredibly addictive, and is damaging our lives and relationships.  

Research shows these situations negatively affect our spiritual, emotional and physical health, as well as can have devastating effects on our ability to have healthy, intimate, fulfilling relationships. Stepping Stones Network offers a variety of resources, including safe, confidential groups and retreats to help adults break free of these effects and live a full and healthy life. 

Resources are listed below according to audience: Adults, Men Only, Women Only, Students & Parents, Marriages, Church Leaders, Healthcare Workers

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For Adults (Co-Ed, Women Only or Men Only)

The Journey (Live or Zoom Group)
If your past is preventing love, peace and freedom in your present, then you are invited to enter The Journey with us. The Journey group will begin a process that will take you deeper into your life experiences.  You will join with others to look at the people and events that have left imprints on our hearts. Through participation, you will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of your own story, as well as an increased awareness of intimacy and grace with others and with God.  The Journey, your journey, is just one step away. 

The Reflection Retreat (Live, Virtual, or Small Group Content)
The Reflection is a unique co-ed retreat that includes compelling stories, thought provoking teaching, music and art, personal encouragement, and guided spiritual and relational activities. The retreat theme, “Just As I Am”, addresses the beauty of accepting ourselves as we are,experiencing intimacy with God, and living out authenticity in friendships, dating and marriage. The content and times of reflection help to identify and overcome the barriers many of us face as we attempt to find, keep and enjoy fulfilling relationships.

Let’s Talk: How to Have Confident Conversations With Our Kids, Colleagues and Comrades in Today’s Sexualized Culture  (Workshop)
Christians are called to be salt and light to the world. But, when the subject of sex comes up, it can be challenging and awkward. We often avoid it and just roll with the tide. Or respond with rigid rules that shame others and kill the conversation. In these times, where our hyper-sexualized culture is luring and harming our kids, our colleagues and our close friends, we need to reach out as Jesus would, in conversation that offers God’s restorative love, care and kindness.

Heart of Man (Movie and Event) 
The Heart of Man is a story inviting the sons and daughters of God to leave behind our broken, moralistic and religious way of thinking and relating to God and to others. Once we begin to know who God is (and as a result who we are), we have something to invite the world into.

For Men

Conquer Series Group*
Join 1 million men in over 80 countries who are learning to live free of porn through the proven strategies and practical tools taught in the Conquer Series. Now in ten action-packed episodes, containing hours of Biblical teaching to help men walk in freedom.

Speaking Engagements
Invite Dave Stouwie and/or Suzanne Baker Brown to speak at your event. References and topics available from previous Men’s No Regrets conferences.  

For Women

Spiritual Spa (Retreat or Event)
The Spiritual Spa is a unique women’s retreat or event that includes compelling stories, thought provoking teaching, music and art, personal encouragement, and guided spiritual and relational activities. Each Spiritual Spa event has a unique theme and encourages attendees to receive the gift of whole life health (spirit, soul and body), so that they can step into the life they were created to live. 

Speaking Engagements
Invite Suzanne Baker Brown to share her powerful personal story in combination with bible teaching and prayer at your next women’s event. 

For Students and Parents

Something About Sexting
A four session interactive program for middle school or high school students (school or youth groups).  The first three sessions are targeted toward the students: Why you or others do it, how it hurts you and others, why and how society and media push you to do it, and what will you do about it. The fourth session invites parents to join the conversation, addressing privacy concerns, dangers to watch for, apps to recognize and precautions to take.

Internet Safety in General and During Covid (Immediate access)
Parents, check out this immediate access resource from Shared Hope International to help you keep your kids safe.

Internet Safety Toolkit

Chosen (20 minute film)
Learn the shocking true story of two teen girls tricked by traffickers. Brianna, 18, was a star student, cheerleader and waitress eager to break out of her small town to attend college in the big city. Lacy, 13, enjoyed church and school but struggled to help care for her siblings while her stepfather was deployed and mother worked to support the family. Brianna and Lacy share how traffickers used manipulation to lure them into the world of sex trafficking. Order at https://sharedhope.org/chosen/

For Marriages 

Stronger Together*
Dr. Doug Weiss, renowned Christian sex-therapist, speaker, and author, coined the term, Intimacy Anorexia, a silent marriage killer that affects millions of couples. For decades, he has successfully helped couples heal from the pain of emotional and sexual divorce. Stronger Together is an original cinematic series that delves into the stealthy epidemic of intimacy anorexia. This intensive class is designed to help couples begin their healing journey towards lifelong intimacy.

For Church Leaders 

Leaders need to become conscious and equipped to face and prevent the damage of our sexualized culture and its resultant challenges.  Our Church Leadership Video Series includes an assessment and action planning tool, interviews with scholars and ministry leaders, testimonies of those who have been harmed and healed, as well as a number of educational and practical resources.  Learn how we can work together to educate and engage the church as well as restore the lives that have been harmed by sexual exploitation, abuse, and use of pornography.  Join us as we reach out to heal the church and evangelize in a world of brokenness.

Leaders Call to Action      Download Free Assessment Tool      Register for the Course       Church Leadership Opt-In.

*Soul Refiner Online Platform
Stepping Stones Network has invested in the Soul Refiner online platform as a service to the churches in our area. Individuals may be referred to us for centralized Conquer or Stronger Together groups or we can set your church up on our platform to lead a group with just your own community members.  

For Healthcare Workers

Free course on how to identify a victim of sex trafficking, targeted for medical professionals.

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