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Many of us have suffered from some form of sexual exploitation.

  • One in four women and one in six men have experienced childhood sexual violations. 
  • One out of every five teens is a victim of date rape. 
  • Pornography has been normalized to the point where many people no longer realize how incredibly addictive and destructive it is.
  • In the US alone, there are hundreds of thousands of boys and girls, men and women selling sex to survive or being sold against their will by traffickers.

Research shows these situations negatively affect our spiritual, emotional, and physical health, and can have devastating effects on our ability to have healthy, intimate, fulfilling relationships.

If this is you, it’s time to heal.

Stepping Stones Network offers safe, confidential groups to help adults break free of these effects and live a full and healthy life. We have three types of groups: Ending the Game for trafficking survivors, The Journey for any adult, and Conquer Series for men who want to quit porn. Scroll below for details on each.

All groups are 10-12 weeks. Most are held online; group members do not need to reside in our locale. Cost per group member is $30 or $10/mo. Scholarships available if needed.

To register or be added to a waitlist, please fill out the Group Interest Form.

For Trafficking Survivors

Ending The Game

Ending The Game© (ETG)  is designed to educate and empower survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking by providing a structure and framework to uncover harmful psychological coercion (a.k.a. “The Game”) that victims may have been subjected to during or before their exploitation experience. By revealing a sequence of commonly-used, yet seldom-explained, mind control techniques used by traffickers, sexual abusers, media, and other coercive agents, we aim to empower victims to acquire the skills necessary to break the bonds of “The Game” and thereby reduce the rate of recidivism among sex trafficking survivors.

For Any Adult

The Journey

If destructive or abusive situations from your past are preventing love, peace, and freedom in your present, you may want to join one of our Journey Groups. The Journey take you deeper into your life experiences as you look at the people and events that have left imprints on your heart. Through participation, you will gain greater grace and understanding for your own story, as well as increased intimacy with others and with God.

 For Men Who Want to Quit Porn

Conquer Series

The Conquer Series, unrivaled in its scope and authority, lays out the process to permanently stop watching porn and buying sex. It has proven strategies and tools that have helped over 2 million men in 100+ countries find lasting freedom. Discover how to renew your mind and break destructive patterns. Start your journey to freedom now and help end the demand for commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking.