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Adult Development

Stepping Stones Network Adult Development Program

Q1 Adult Development Schedule

Join the Parenting and Love Languages Group with Leanne
Beginning Tuesday, January 24th
To be held weekly on Tuesdays from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
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Meeting ID: 878 2327 1987   |   Passcode: 734265


Weekly Newsletter & Audio Devotionals

There will be a weekly newsletter via e-mail from the staff, along with weekly audio devotionals by Jazelle.


Coaching Pods

Weekly individual coaching sessions & weekly group pod sessions are required to remain a participant in the Stepping Stones Network program.

Laurel’s Coaching Pod: Safe People & Relationships
–   Trishauna, April, & Passion

Suzanne’s Coaching Pod: Safe People & Relationships (Meeting ID: 890 3536 5928 |  Passcode: 883375)
– Renee, Shaliyah, &  Davia

Janice’s Coaching Pod: Safe People & Relationships (Meeting ID: 885 1026 0688  |  Passcode: 353513)
– Brittney, Amanda, Ciera, & Ashley

Sue’s Coaching Pod: Safe People & Relationships
– Sheryal

Leanne’s Coaching Pod: Pregnancy & Newborn Parenting (Meeting ID: 878 2327 1987  |  Passcode: 734265)
– Bevion & Arionna


Additional Offerings (Optional)

Details coming soon.


Independent Online Holistic Health Course

Click here to access your holistic health program.


Stepping Stones Safe Circle Team Members

Here’s your list of safe people to reach out to for the following needs:

Adult Development Goals: Your one-on-one coach.

Basic Needs (Rent, Bills, Utilities, Practical Items): Laurel,

Child Development & Parenting: Leanne,

Spiritual & 12-Step Guidance: Suzanne,