Stepping Stones Network has designed a unique 12- to 24-month six-stage program to support women who have been sexually exploited and their children. We treat each mom and child as a valued client, assisting them with both individual and family goals and development.

We surround the family with a circle of love and support that provides safety, basic needs, and individualized therapeutic programming to address purpose, home management, financial literacy, health and wellness, spirituality, parenting, relationships, trauma and addiction recovery, and education and job preparation.

Agencies with referrals or moms interested in participating in our program should call our Hotline at 224-789-3054.

Find admissions criteria here. If a potential participant does not meet the requirements, please contact our Hotline; we may still be able to coordinate referrals or provide other services.

**This program previously served up to four families living in one home.  In 2022, we will open a similar and much-improved program that provides independent housing units in the Libertyville, IL, area with a separate location for programming and childcare.