What is a Champion Network?

We are committed to building long-term partnerships with churches and other organizations that have a passion to bring compassion and justice to bear on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation.  Our fund raising and volunteer recruitment strategy is based on an approach developed by our team called Champion Networks.

Our goal is to build a unique network for four types of organizations: 1) churches; 2) businesses; 3) colleges; 4) and social agencies/healthcare providers. The purpose of these networks is to create a coordinated response to sex trafficking through a sharing of expertise and resources. Organizations that are part of a champion network will select a liaison who will mobilize volunteers and/or funds and facilitate communication between Stepping Stones and the member organization.

If your organization is interested in becoming part of or leading a Champion Network, please contact info@steppingstonesnetwork.org or attend our monthly Get Educated meeting to get connected.