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Church Engagement

Stepping Stones Network needs the local church to thrive. We build long-term partnerships with churches that desire to bring compassion and justice to bear on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation. Our goal is to get 25 churches engaged in the work via volunteerism, in-kind donations, education, sponsoring groups, and/or giving. We help each church find the engagement level and activities that are the right fit for them.

If your church is interested in a conversation or presentation, please contact us or attend our monthly Get Educated meeting to get connected.

Three resources to help you get started.

1. Become a Church Champion

We call our most active church partners, Church Champions. These churches assign a liaison to not only assist with Stepping Stones’ mission but also to find ways to serve their own congregation to bring healing and education.  Download our 2-page Church Champion document below.

Church Champions also have access to our Soul Refiner online platform. This platform has proven group content to address various areas of sexual damage, including pornography use, the impact on marriages, etc. Individuals may be referred to us for centralized groups or we can set your church up on our platform to lead a group with just your own community members.

Church Champion Program

2. 25 to Thrive Crowdfund

We have a goal to raise $30,000 a year through partner churches to fund care for families that have been trafficked.  To give as a church or to encourage individuals from your church to give, you can use the following link.

25 to Thrive Network

3.  Church Leader Video Series

Leaders need to become conscious and equipped to face and prevent the damage of our sexualized culture and its resultant challenges.  Our Church Leadership Video Series includes an assessment and action planning tool, interviews with scholars and ministry leaders, testimonies of those who have been harmed and healed, as well as a number of educational and practical resources.  Learn how we can work together to educate and engage the church as well as restore the lives that have been harmed by sexual exploitation, abuse, and use of pornography.  Join us as we reach out to heal the church and evangelize in a world of brokenness.

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