Want To Join Our Volunteer Network?

Here are the Steps!

  1. Attend one of our monthly GET EDUCATED sessions.  It includes Education, plus Volunteer Interest information. Sessions are held every third Monday of the month at 7 pm via Zoom video conference.  Register here to receive an invitation 
  2. Review our list of open volunteer opportunities here and see if you find a fit.  Note that there are TWO TABS – one for Direct Service and one for Operations.  If you aren’t sure or are interested in a role that is currently filled, that’s OK; you can still move on to Step 3. 
  3. Fill out a Volunteer Application here.  You will be added to our volunteer database and mailing list.  
  4. Go through an interview process and in some cases a background check.  Once you have completed all of the above, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you within 30 days to set up an interview.  If your interests, talents and time match one of our Volunteer needs, you will be matched with a role.  If not, we will keep you in our database and let you know of future opportunities that might be a fit for you. 

Interested in employment? If the Jobs page is up on this site, we have openings. If no Jobs page is up, that means we do not have any openings at this time. We do not keep resumes for future reference. If you want to be kept informed of future opportunities, please join our General Mailing List and watch Indeed.com.

Interested in an internship?  We occasionally accept non-paid internships if there is an excellent fit. If you are interested, please complete two steps. 

  1. Review any open Job opportunities AND the list of open Volunteer opportunities above. If you feel you may be a match, move on to step 2. 
  2. Email info@steppingstonesnetwork.org and provide the following information.
  • Name, address and contact information. 
  • What is the program/degree you are pursuing?
  • Is it required for your degree? For credit or no credit? 
  • When do you need to have it locked in?
  • What kind of supervision/evaluation is required from us? 
  • What role are you interested in? 
  • Attach your resume and a paragraph or two on why you are interested in the role and why you think you’d be a good fit.