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Support A Family

We believe that lives damaged by abusive and destructive experiences can be restored one step at a time. However, the individual must be at the point where they are determined to actively participate in the process.

We carefully select individuals and families who are ready to rebuild through our Assessment program, then surround them with a circle of love and support that provides safety, basic needs, and individualized therapeutic programming that addresses purpose, home management, financial literacy, health and wellness, spirituality, parenting, relationships, trauma, and addiction recovery, and education and job preparation.

After fully participating in our 12-18 month Stepping Stones program, the goal is that our families are:

  • Living in a safer environment and developing a safe circle of support.
  • Establishing financial independence through pursuing consistent work or education.
  • Remaining free from the cycle of exploitation.
  • Children’s ACE* scores are lower than their parent’s.
  • BASK** scores show improvement with each program stage and graduates ’ BASK scores improve by 50% from baseline.

*ACE = Adverse Childhood Experiences
**BASK = Behaviors, Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge in seven spheres:  Life Skills, Holistic Health, Parenting, Relationships, Trauma Resolution, Addiction Recovery, Spirituality.

We are looking for individuals, groups, or organizations that will commit to being a Family Sponsor for the first year of a family’s 12- to 24-month program.  The cost of housing, case management, and therapeutic assessment is $20,000.

If you choose to be a Family Sponsor, you will be kept up to date on the progress of the family you support. You will also have the option to provide other types of support and encouragement. If you are interested in helping to free a family from a life of sexual exploitation, please email  Our team will meet with you to customize and support a plan for you or your group.