What is our Volunteer Network


Education/New Volunteer Interest meetings are canceled until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Want to join our Volunteer Network? Here’s how.

  • Attend our Education Meeting, plus Volunteer Interest session, held monthly on the third Monday of the month at 7pm. Location: Christ Church of Lake Forest 100 N. Waukegan Lake Forest IL. Meeting on first floor in the A Building – (A106, 7, or 8). There will be a sign at entry and on the door.
  • At the Volunteer Interest session, you will complete a Volunteer Interest and Application Form and then be added to our Volunteer Database and Interview Waitlist.
  • We interview once a month. We will contact you to let you know when the interviews will be held and you can sign up. After your interview, if your interests and talents match one of our Volunteer needs, you will be matched with a volunteer opportunity. If we cannot match you immediately, we will keep you in the mailing list and reach out to when there are special opportunities to volunteer or contribute.

If you cannot attend an Education/Volunteer interest meeting due to your schedule, please…

Click here to see our Open Volunteer positions.

Then, contact suzanneb@steppingstonesnetwork.org if you think you are a fit for one of our open roles.

Interested in employment? If the Jobs page is up on this site, we have openings. If no Jobs page is up, that means we do not have any openings at this time. We do not keep resumes for future reference. If you want to be kept informed of future opportunities, please join our General Mailing List.

Interested in internship? We occasionally accept non-paid internships. If you are interested, please email suzanneb@steppingstonesnetwork.org and provide the following information.

  • Is it for credit? If so, when do you need to have it locked in?
  • if so, what kind of supervision/evaluation is required from us?
  • What is the program/degree you are in?
  • What type of skills would you be able to offer? What type of role would you desire and/or be willing to play? Please see the following link for all of our volunteer openings. (Note that there is a tab for Operations and for Direct Service)